How to Make a Festive Pom Pom Tassel Wreath

This year go bright and make this amazing festive pom pom tassel wreath designed by @sfmgs. This will look amazing on your front door this Christmas. Look at the cute pom pom tree and Christmas puddings at the bottom!

You Will Need How To Make

To make this colourful and kitsch Christmas Wreath, you will be making a variety of different sized, coloured and patterned pom poms.


To make your pom poms, follow the instructions on your pom pom makers and be sure to wrap yarn around the arms of the pom pom maker until the arch is competely full. This will give you the puffiest, squishiest pom poms! Yummy! Be sure to tie your yarn nice and tight.


To make speckled 2-tone pom poms:

With colour A, wrap until your pom pom maker arm is 1/3 of the way full.

Now wrap colour B around the arm just a few times. Break yarn and wrap again with yarn A until 2/3 full.

Repeat until completely full on both sides.


To make half and half pom poms:

With colour A, wrap one arm of the pom pom maker until full.

With colour B, wrap the other half until full.


To make 2 colour variegated pom poms:

Use 2 colours of yarn at once. Wrap both arms of the pom pom maker until full.


To make tie-dye pom poms:

With colour A, wrap a 1/5 section of the pom pom maker arm until full.

Repeat with 4 more colours, wrapping only a 1/5 section of the arm to full at a time.

Repeat on the other side of the pom pom maker.


To make striped pom poms:

With colour A, wrap until 1/3 full.

Add 2 more colours and wrap until 2/3 full.

Wrap remaining 1/3 in colour A. Repeat on other side of the pom pom maker.




Make a whole variety of sizes in each design for lots of bright, vibrant interest in your design! Trim before glueing and you can take care of any stray strands once your project is complete.


To build your beautiful wreath!

This is such a fun project, as you can make it totally YOU! Starting with your largest pom poms first, carefully glue each one to the wreath using glue gun. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Add the smaller pom poms in decreasing size order to build up your design. Try mixing and matching colours and patterns and accenting them with single small white pom poms.




To make Christmas Pudding pom poms – make 2 alike:

With Autumn Maize as colour A and Strawberry as colour B, wrap one arm of 45mm pom pom maker following instructions for speckled 2-tone pom pom.

Wrap other half of your pom pom maker in White only. Trim 

With felt, cut out small leaves and 3 berries.  Glue onto top white of pom pom.




To make Christmas tree pom pom:

Wrap one arm of 85mm pom pom maker in Chartreuse until full. Wrap other half in both Chartreuse and Neon Yellow at once.

Trim into a triangle shape.




With felt, cut out star and small circles for baubles. Glue star to the top point of the tree and circles to the body as baubles.


To make tassels – make 3 alike:


Using a tassel maker, a book, or piece of cardboard, make 3 tassles in 3 different colour yarns. Leave a long tail of approx 20 cm.




With yarn needle, thread Christmas pudding and Christmas tree shaped pom poms on to tassels.

Cut 3 small squares of felt in any colour.

Glue tassels to bottom edge of wreath using felt square to secure.

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