How to Make a Pom Pom Stocking

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Create a unique stocking this year by adding pom poms in your favourite colours! This stocking is knitted in chunky yarn so will knit up quickly and then just decorate with pom poms.

You Will Need Abbreviations

K – knit

P – purl

K2tog – knit 2 stitches together

P2tog – purl 2 stitches together

St (s) – stich (es)

Rep – repeat

St st – knit 1 row, purl the next

Sl – slip a stitch

Cont – continue

How to Make

Using 8mm needles and Soft and Chunky cast on 42 sts

Row 1: *k1, p1* rep from *to* till end.

Row 2: *k1, p1* rep from *to* till end.

Rows 1 and 2 form the rib, rep rows 1 and 2 a further 5 times more.

Start shaping the heel;

Next row: k 11 sts and turn

Work in st st for 40 rows ending in a p row.

Making the heel;

Row 1: k2, k2tog, k1 – turn

Row 2: sl1, p3 – turn

Row 3: k3, k2tog, k1 – turn

Row 4: sl1, p4 – turn

Row 5: k4, k2tog, k1 – turn

Row 6: sl1, p5 – turn

Row 7: k5, k2tog, k1 (7sts rem)

Pick up 10 sts on the side of the heel (part you have just knitted), and knit them.

K across the sts left on that needle, turn and k on the 1st 11 sts only for 17 rows ending with a k row.

To make the next heel;

Row 1: p2, p2tog, p1 – turn

Row 2: sl1, k3 – turn

Row 3: p3, p2tog, p1 – turn

Row 4: sl1, k4 – turn

Row 5: p4, p2tog, p1 – turn

Row 6: sl1, k5 – turn

Row 7: p5, p2tog, p1 (7 sts rem)

Pick up 10 sts on side of heel like before and p them. Cont p across all sts – (54sts)

Next row: k

Next row: p


Row 1: k15, k2tog, k20, skpsso, k15 – 52

Row 2: and all even rows – p

Row 3: k14, k2, k20, skpsso, k14 – 50

Row 5: k13, k2tog, k20, skpsso, k13 – 48

Row 7: k12, k2tog, k20, skpsso, k12 – 46

Row 9: k11, k2tog, k20, skpsso, k11 – 44

Row 11: k10, k2tog, k20, skpsso, k10 – 42

Continue in st st for 18 rows, ending with a p row.

Shaping the toe;

Row 1: k8, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k14, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k8 – 38

Row 2: and all even rows – p

Row 3: k7, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k12, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k7 – 34

Row 5: k6, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k10, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k6 – 30

Row 7: k5, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k8, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k5 – 26

Row 9: k4, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k6, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k4 – 22

Row 11: k3, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k4, k2tog, k2, skpsso, k3. – 18

Break the yarn and using a darning needle thread through the remaining sts and pull tight. Secure with a couple of sts. Sew your seam using a mattress st and secure, darn in all ends.


Using your 5mm pom pom maker make;

White x 4

Lime x 6

Light Pink x 5

Light Purple x 7

Pink x 8

Yellow x 7

Cream x 6

Using a darning needle and the coloured thread from the pom pom attach them to the stocking, stitch them each several times and secure.


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