How to Make a Photo Tree

How to Make a Photo Tree #photo #selfie #tree #christmas #family #personalised #home #decoration #craft #diy

Create the ultimate personalised home decoration with a wonderful photo tree! Pick photos of your favourite memories and people to add to the ‘baubles’ and every time you look at it, you’ll be filled with warm feelings and happy memories.

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1. Start by preparing the base of your tree. Using green paint, add colour to the main body of the tree. You can paint both sides of the tree or just the front. You may need a couple of coats, depending on your paint.

2. It’s time to prepare your baubles! Use your scrap paper to make templates of your baubles – place a bauble on the paper, draw around it with pencil, and then cut this shape out. Repeat for all the bauble shapes.

3. Choose the photographs you want to use – we would recommend using copies instead of originals, just in case! If you can print them on good quality paper or photo paper, this tends to work better. 

4. Decide which photo you want on each bauble shape. Some shapes may lend themselves better to certain types of photograph, so have a play with them, laying the paper templates you just created over the top of the area of the image you want to keep.

5. When you are happy, either trace around the template again and cut out or hold your template in place and cut around it, so your photo ends up the same shape as the bauble. You may need to trim it slightly once cut, to fit the front of the bauble.

6. Stick down your photos with glue or double sided tape – if you have printed onto regular paper, double sided tape is generally better as it won’t bubble the paper. 

7. Finish off by hanging your baubles on the tree, and adding a few colourful poms for decoration! If you want, you can also paint the star gold.

How to Make a Photo Tree #photo #selfie #tree #christmas #family #personalised #home #decoration #craft #diy

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