How to Make a Photo Transfer Tote

How to Make a Photo Transfer Tote #diy #tote #photo #transfer

Make a gift with a little personality and nostalgia, by taking your favourite photos and transferring them onto a tote bag. Whether it’s for the beach, school or a trip to the supermarket, you’re guaranteed to be the only one with this bag!

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. Print out your photo to the required size for your bag – I made mine A4 to cover a large part of the bag.

Top Tip! . . .Don’t forget that the final image will be a mirror of what you currently see, so if you want it the other way round, reverse the image before you print.

2. Trim your paper with scissors, so that you are just left with your image and no spare white paper.

3. Apply a thick layer of glue onto your image, over the printed image. It should be thick enough so that you can’t see the photo properly. The larger your image, the thicker you need to paint on the glue.

4. Place a plastic bag or wallet inside your bag to stop the sides sticking together. Carefully place the image, glue side down, onto the front of your bag, and use your fingers to rub any air bubbles out, starting from the centre.

5. Leave to dry for at least 4 hours, or for best results, leave overnight.

6. To remove the paper, use a soaked sponge or dabbers and press lightly onto the top of the paper. The water should slowly begin to soak into the paper, making it soft and mushy. Start to gently rub away the layers of the paper using either your fingers or the sponge, until you’ve taken away most of the top layer of paper. Leave to dry.

Top Tip! . . . Remember, less is more – you can’t add ink back to your image if you rub too vigorously and take off the image too! Keep re-dampening your sponge if you are having trouble.

7. Once dry, if there is any more paper residue left, rub it off with your fingers or a moist sponge. Make sure you remove all of the pulp left behind by the paper, or it will give you a white covering on your image.

8. To seal your image, use a few drops of the image maker glue over the top of the image, and gently rub in with a clean cloth or brush. Leave to dry.

How to Make a Photo Transfer Tote #diy #tote #photo #transfer

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