How to Make a Photo Canvas for Father’s Day

How to Make a Photo Canvas for Father's Day #FathersDay #Homecraft

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to make this Father’s day, this lovely photo canvas might just be the answer! It’s incredibly easy to make, and all you need is a print out of an image, a canvas and a fabric transfer medium, and hey presto you have yourself a lovely canvas that makes a great gift.

If you wanted to personalise the canvas further you could use adhesive letters and embellishments, or even glitter glue to highlight certain parts of your image.

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How to Make

1. Generously cover your canvas with the Image Maker.

2. Press the photocopy on to the canvas, image side-down and let it dry for at least ten hours or overnight.

3. After your image has completely dried, use a spray bottle or sponge to wet the top of the paper.

4. Next, rub the surface of the paper with your fingertips in a circular motion until pieces of the paper start to come off. As this happens the image will start to be revealed, this can take a little while to do, patience is key!

Top Tip!

Be careful not to rub too hard as this can remove your transfer!

5. Continue until all the paper is removed and the image is completely visible!

Top Tip!

Be persistent but gentle when rubbing off the paper. Once you’ve wet the canvas it looks like all the paper is off but it can be deceiving. Leave it to dry a bit and you’ll see the areas that still need work. It took me a few attempts but was worth it in the end.

6. Cover your canvas with one more coat of fabric transfer medium to seal and protect the image.

Top Tip!

If the image you are using has writing on it make sure to reverse the image before printing it our, otherwise the writing will appear back to front!


How to Make a Photo Canvas for Father's Day #FathersDay #Homecraft

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