How to Make a Personalised Picnic Bridesmaid Hamper

It’s becoming increasingly popular to make an event of asking your best friends to act as bridesmaids on your big day. This brand new picnic style crate hamper is the perfect container to house your personalised makes, invitations, and treats. Read the below guides for ideas and inspiration!



You Will Need How to Make a Vinyl Bag

  1. Iron out your canvas bag so the material is flat ready for the vinyl sticker. You could also use the permanent iron on vinyl but remember you may need to slip your design if using iron on. We used stick on which will work well as a temporary bag.

  1. Load your design on the design space and position it so that you have the design at the correct size and cut.

  1. Pick away the excess vinyl so you are left with your design before transferring it on to the canvas bag.


You Will Need How to Make a Personalised Candle

1. Using the gold pen write onto the glass candle. If you try and elongate your letters more than usual to leave room to thicken them out to give them a faux calligraphy style

2. On each of the down strokes thicken up the lines by colouring them.


You Will Need How to Make a Vinyl Notebook

  1. Upload your design to the cricut design space
  2. Check your sizing so that it fits across the notebook
  3. Cut and apply to the notebook pushing any creases out of the lettering


You Will Need How to Make Framed Papercut Gift

  1. Upload your design to the cricut design space

  1. Once cut onto the white card you can pull away the excess card and place onto the pink card.
  2. Work out the spacing and then secure with glue
  3. If you want to make it extra special frame it so your bridesmaid can keep it forever


You Will Need

Water bottle

Posca Pen »

How to Make a Personalised Water bottle

  1. Decorate the water bottle by adding simple heart shapes with the posca pen
  2. Work around the bottle creating a simple pattern
  3. If you’re bottle is glass you can secure the paint by baking it and glazing however if using plastic leave to dry and your design will be semi permanent

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