How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

How to Make a Paracord Bracelet #Jewellerymaking #Paracord #LittleButtonDiaries

Move over Loom bands! This year paracord is set to be the must-have accessory. This tutorial shows you how to create a button bracelet using the cobra method and it is suitable for those who have never paracorded before!

Suitable for : Beginners

Time Taken : One hour

You Will Need How to Make

1. fold the cord in half and thread the loop through one of the buckle ends from front to back. Bring the loose ends up and thread them through the loop at the top and pull tight to create a luggage style knot.

paracord bracelet diy paracord bracelet diy

2. Slide the two loose ends through the other buckle so that it is five inches from the first buckle.

paracord bracelet diy

3, Turn so that the untied buckle end is at the top, pull the cords down along each side and tape the buckle down.

paracord bracelet diy

4. Now to create the cobra knot, fold the right-hand cord over the centre and under the lefthand cord. Then take the left-hand cord under the centre and over the right-hand cord. Hold each end and pull taught. Repeat but this time start from the left hand side. Continue all the way along the bracelet in this way.

paracord bracelet diy

5. When you reach the buckle, thread the cord ends under the last knot at the back. Cut the ends leaving about a centimetre of remaining cord, then glue these down on the back.

IMG_8906 paracord bracelet tutorial

6. Stitch (or glue) buttons along the centre the paracord using co-ordinated embroidery thread.


Amazing! Now that you know the basics for a cobra paracord, have a look around at all the things you could make. There are lots of simple projects out there, from keyrings to watch straps to bag handles!


IMG_9355 IMG_9358

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