How to Make a Papered Present Stack Advent

Get excited for those presents appearing under the tree on Christmas Eve by recreating them in advent form! Perfect for those who love to get creative with decoupage.

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Time to make: 8 hours, plus drying time

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. Begin by giving the present stack a coat of white acrylic paint. Make sure you do each layer separately and leave the doors open as it dries, so they don’t stick shut.

2. Next, work out which papers you are going to use where. I drew a little diagram for each layer, so that I had an even distribution of different colours and patterns.

3. Starting with the bottom layer, cut a strip that is just wider than the width of the small boxes. Then, lay on the top and cut a strip so that it just overlaps the front edge, not including the door. Brush some decoupage glue on the box and stick down, using more glue on top and your paintbrush to stick it flat and get into the creases.

4. Measure out the height for each side of the box, ensuring that you cover the front door frames, then cut and stick down with glue, layering more glue on top of the paper again.

5. Measure a piece of paper for the door front, including enough to cover round the side of the door. Cut a slit into the middle, at the same level as the doorknob, then cut a small ‘x’ shape where it sits, and check it will fit through. Glue down as before, pushing the edged of the ‘x’ around the door handle to sit flat around the handle.

Top Tip!…Don’t worry about covering the top or bottom of the door too much, as this is hard to make sit flat, but if you do, make sure to trim the paper at a diagonal, so that it won’t get stuck under the hinge.

6. Cut a small strip of paper to cover the bottom of the door frame for the present, and glue down. Leave to dry with the door open.

7. Continue steps 3-6 for each box on the layer, leaving each to dry thoroughly with the doors open, so they don’t become glued shut. When complete, move on to do the same for each of the other layers.

8. Next, cut up pieces of gold decoupage paper and use to cover the bases of each layer, in and around the presents. If necessary, build up more than one layer for coverage.

9. Put all of the layers together to check they sit in the right place, then finally stick on your advent numbers using a little PVA, to the front of each present box.

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