How to Make a Paper Peony Bouquet

Create beautiful paper peonies to adorn your home no matter what the weather! Create any size you like with a helping hand from Cricut’s free Design Space app and cut out using your Cricut digital cutting machine. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Open a new project in the Design Space app. Select ‘Image’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen and type ‘Peony’ into the search bar, select the below design –

2. From the ‘Actions’ menu at the bottom of the screen select ‘Ungroup’.

3. Select each of the green leaves and delete them by clicking the red cross in the top left-hand corner of the selection box.

4. Drag a selection box over the remaining elements, re-group the images by selecting the ‘Group’ function from the ‘Actions’ menu located in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

6. Open the ‘Edit’ menu and amend the width to 55cm ensuring that the padlock is locked so that everything re-sizes proportionately.

7. Hit the green ‘Make it’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the toolbar. Once you have been taken through to the mats’ preview screen, open up the mats’ menu (click on the mat icon that includes the number in the top left-hand corner).

8. For each of the mats, amend the material size to 8.3 x 11.7” (A4). After this is complete, close the mat menu (to do this click on the mat icon).

9. Select the green ‘Continue’ button from the bottom right-hand corner and follow the on-screen instructions to cut out the pieces with the Cricut machine.

10. To construct the peony, take the two 10-petal flower layers and carefully curl each of the sections using a pair of scissors. To do this, carefully run the scissor blades over the paper with your forefinger underneath to support the materials.

11. Add a piece of double-sided tape to the flat underside of one of the curled petal layers.

12. Remove the backing paper from the double-sided tape and secure the petal layer to the centre front of the other identical piece. Place the stack to one side.


13. Next, add a small amount of double-sided tape to the area opposite the semi-circular tabs on both three-petal flower pieces.

14. Secure the tab to the underside of the petal by slightly overlapping the tab on top of the area where the double-sided tape was placed. Repeat this process on the remaining identical piece.

15. Add double-sided tape to the back of one of the pieces constructed in step 14 and layer on top of its matching piece, off-setting slightly so that the petals do not align.

16. Secure these stacked petals underneath the cluster created in step 12.

17. Take the two smallest flower pieces and repeat the same process, adding double-sided tape to the back of the petals as shown below.

18. Remove the backing from the tape then secure the tabs in place, gently curling them round to the back of the petal.

19. Secure the petal layers on top of the previously constructed layers.

20. To complete the bloom, add the flower centres using a small piece of double-sided tape, or alternatively a glue gun. Gently curl up the individual stamen to give the piece extra dimension.

21. To add a stem to your flower take a piece of florist’s wire and curl the end using a pair of round-nose pliers, then wrap green florist tape around the wire to hide it. Add a generous blob of glue from a hot melt glue gun to the underside of the flower and place the spiral end of the wire into the glue. Hold the wire in place until the glue has set. 

22. Repeat the process to create as many peonies as you like!

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