How to Make Paper Pennant Flags

How to Make a Paper Pennant Flags #paper #pennant #flags #papercraft #diy #home #decor #craft

Pennant flags are everywhere right now, from fabric creations to more hands on, and larger wooden versions. The cute little banners can be made in any size you like! Simply start off with a rectangular, portrait, piece of cardstock, and trim a nice point on the end (two will need to be cut, one for the front and the other for the back).

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Black, white and gold flag

1. Cover the front of the kraft card in the black and white decorative paper and trim to size. To provide support and structure to the flag, cover the back of the flag with a sheet of foam, then, cover the back with the remaining piece of kraft card. Use your Cricut Explore or favourite alphabet dies to create your central message, alternating between different sizes and types of font.

2. Cover the front of each alpha with the clear ink pad and then sprinkle over the gold embossing powder, carefully lift up and shake off the excess powder back into the pot, then heat the powder with the heat tool. Repeat this process until all of the letters have been embossed then secure to the front of the pennant using foam pads.

3. Create a clamp for the top of the banner from kraft card covered in glitter cardstock; this will need to be 2cm longer and 5cm in width. Score horizontally at 2 and 3cm along the short edge, add two stacked strips of foam tape to the inside front and back edge. Cut a 40cm length of twine and knot the loose ends, loop the twine over the clamp. Remove the adhesive backing tape then sandwich the complete banner in between the clamp.

Ombrè flag 

1. Create the main body of the flag in the same manner as the black, white and gold one, this time using a sheet from the ombrè 12 x 12″ paper pack to cover the front. Create the greeting using Thicker stickers, and add a hand-cut arrow made from kraft card.

2. To create the paper tassel, trim a rectangle of ombrè paper to 8 x 20cm. Mark a horizontal line 1cm from the top edge, then use a metal ruler and craft knife to cut slits at 5mm intervals. Run a length of double sided tape along the top edge. Trim a piece of twine to 15cm in length and secure the looped end to the double-sided tape. Start to carefully roll up the paper strip to create the tassel. Repeat this process twice more, so you have a total of three tassels.

‘Dream Big’ flag

1. Repeat the same initial process as before this time covering the front of the flag in a layer or cork. Use Thicker stickers to create the first half of the greeting then use hand-cut, your favourite alphabet dies or a Cricut Explore to create the second half of the greeting.

2. Once again, create three tassels from paper to add to the side of the flag.

How to Make a Paper Pennant Flags #paper #pennant #flags #papercraft #diy #home #decor #craft

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