How to Make a Pajaki Paper Chandelier

I think Pajaki’s are gorgeous and I’ve always wanted to have a go at making one, so here is my simple version for you to have a go at!

Pajaki are Polish decorations originally made from dry straw collected from the fields, their meant to bring protection from hard seasons,and give luck and prosperity. They have become increasingly popular, with people making their own versions from paper straws, cardstock, pom poms, and tassels to name but a few, and they make the ideal centerpiece for a party or celebration.

I hope you have fun making one of these Pajaki paper chandeliers! It’s a great project to get making as a family, keeping the children occupied for a few hours over the school holidays.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Start be removing the central wooden hoop from the embroidery hoop. Place the outside ring to one side for another project (you could make a second Pajaki!).

2. Making the components for the Pajaki is super-quick, it’s just a case of cutting the straws down and creating the circular discs and embellishments. it’s worth roughly sketching your design out so that you know roughly how many of each element you’ll need, and can then use the sketch for reference when it comes to putting the Pajaki together. 

Top tip: Create a cardstock template, made using a craft punch, to help create the tissue paper discs.

3. I chose to do four strands coming from a central point at the top of my Pajaki. I threaded the twine through a yarn needle then started threading on the paper straws and discs. All of the straws within this section of my Pajaki were cut to 1″ in length to make it easier when it came to balancing out each of the sides however, you could cut longer or shorter pieces or even cut a mixture of lengths it’s completely up to you. Between each of the straw pieces I used a 1″ craft punch to cut black paper circles, and then sandwiched tissue paper circles in-between two black discs.

4. Once happy with the lengths, tie the end of the twine around the embroidery hoop. 

5. For each the bottom half of my Pajaki I used another four pieces of twine (cut to the same length), decorated with more straws (cut to 1″) and 1″ cardstock circles. 

6. I also added some paper tissue paper tassels halfway along the lengths for extra decoration.

7. I then added one final section to the middle of the Pajaki, using straws and tissue paper once more along with a larger green tissue paper tassel, using gold washi tape to secure the tassel.

8. Secure each of the twine ends to the embroidery hoop, trimming away any excess. 

9. To disguise the areas where the twine had been secured onto the embroidery hoop I created even more tissue paper discs and tassels attaching them over the knotted areas using a cool melt glue gun (you could also use tacky glue).

10. Then it’s just a case of hanging your Pajaki in pride of place in your home !

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