How to Make a Painted Flower Mother’s Day Card

Make your mother feel special with this colourful blooming card for Mother’s Day. This is the sweetest cut-paper bouquet card kids will love making, with room to create a mess with paint before cutting it into a floral design.

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make
  1. Begin by painting a sheet of  white cardstock to create the flowers; paint in a random and expressive way to create an abstract design, wait until the paint has dried before applying the next colour. 

2. After all of the paint has dried, use a black felt tip pen to draw several flower heads in a variety of sizes and styles. The number of flowers you’ll need will depend on how full you would like the bouquet – we created 14 in total.

3. Cut out each flower head, ensuring to cut around the black outline. Place to one side.

4. Trim thin strips of black paper to create the stems (the number you will need, will vary on how many flower heads you have created). Glue the stems so that they overlap a few centimetres above the ends of the strips.

5. Position the flowers on the front of the card starting with the biggest placed in the middle, arrange the remaining flower heads around it to create a bouquet. To secure the flowers in place, add two stacked layers of 3D foam pads to the biggest flowers, one layer to the medium-size ones and adhere the smallest with tacky glue. Using foam pads makes the flower heads easy to overlap and arrange, it also gives the card height and dimension.

6. To complete the design, add a double strand twine bow and a Mum sticker tag.

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