How to Make a Needle Felted Bear

The Standing Rabbit Styrofoam Base can be transformed into a multitude of different critters and creatures! Here, Felt Artist Rosie Gittens shows us how the base can be carved into a beloved bear, perfect for adding some magic to your child’s bedroom.

You Will Need How to Make

1. Begin to prepare the base. Reduce the size of the ears by marking the shape first using a template. Place at the base of the ears and draw around it. Using a craft knife, carefully cut off the excess.

2. Remove the shape of the book and carrot by also marking the area that needs to be removed. Now carefully cut them away from the form. Don’t worry if the surface becomes uneven, this will be covered by your wool.

3. Now you’re ready to make the eyes. You can choose to use felted eyes or plastic eyes. Using the blunt end of a pencil or pen, indent the where the eyes are. This will help with placement of the eyes.

4. To make felted eyes, felt a round black ball (approx. 10mm) until firm. Now cut evenly half. Drop a little glue into the indent and place the eyes in the holes. Take small amounts of the white wool and felt onto eyes to make reflections. To use the plastic eyes instead, twist the eyes into the indents.

5. To make the red top, felt the cranberry wool onto body, making body and sleeves short.

6. Next are the mouth and nose markings. Using the coffee wool, twist lengths into long thin pieces and felt into indented lines, trim off the excess.

7. Now to change the face shape and colour the head. Using the white wool, add round shapes to both sides of the face below the ears and down to the cheek area.

8. Use the coffee wool to fill in the nose area.

9. Now completely fill in the rest of the face and ears using the being wool, making sure to keep the surface as smooth as possible. You’re almost there! Just the arms, body and legs to go.

10. Felt the arms, legs and body using the beige wool. Well done! Now your sweet little bear is ready to pop on a shelf or give as a special gift!

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