How to Make a Mum Vase

How to Make a Mum Vase #mum #vase #diy #mothers #day #handmade #decoupage #posca #gift

Take a classic Mother’s Day gift and give it a twist this year; add some funky decoupage papers and a bit of pretty caligraphy to create a trendy mum vase that she’ll adore!

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1. Start by marking in the vase how high you want your paper to go. I used faint pencil marks to show how far up the vase I needed to paper, around two thirds. Use a ruler to get a straight line – this will be important when you come to paper.

2. Take your paper sheets out of the packaging ready, but leave intact. Use your brush to paint a thin layer of glue up to the line you drew, on one side of the vase.

3. Working quickly, lay your paper flat down, starting from the top where your markings are and smoothing down as you go. It’s a good idea to just cover your pencil markings as they are hard to rub out afterwards.

3. Ensure you remove all air bubbles by gentle rubbing outwards.

4. Repeat step 3 for the next side of the vase. This time, start laying your paper from the side where you have already papered, gently smoothing with your hand as you go.

5. Repeat the above steps until you have covered all four sides. Brush on another thin layer of glue to the papered areas to seal and varnish. Leave to dry.

6. Finish by writing ‘Mum’ in the blank space left, using a posca or sharpie pen. If you want a calligraphy style font, i’d recommend printing off one from the computer and sketching in pencil, then tracing over with your posca pen.

How to Make a Mum Vase #mum #vase #diy #mothers #day #handmade #decoupage #posca #gift

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