How to Make a Mr Stink Costume

David Walliams’ whiffy character, Mr Stink, is a popular costume for World Book Day. The nice thing about this costume is that it’s really easy to recreate, takes no time at all, and kids will love being involved in messing up a white t-shirt. Add a grubby waistcoat, round spectacles and a toy dog to complete the look.

You Will Need

Brown Paint »

Grey Paint »

1 sheet of Red Felt »

Brown Duck Tape »

White t-shirt

Black gloves

50cm x 60cm cardboard

Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Draw a cane shape onto corrugated cardboard and cut it out. Repeat to create two more, then layer up the canes and glue together.

2. Cover the cane completely in brown Duck Tape.

3. Cover your surfaces and place the t-shirt on top. Pour out some brown and grey paint – it should be fairly runny, so water it down if it is too thick. Dip a paintbrush into the paint and use your fingers to flick the paint onto the t-shirt to make it look dirty.

4. With a dry brush, add some more marks of paint to make it look really mucky! You can even add a smidge of green for grass stains.

5. To make the bow tie draw a basic bow shape and a rectangle onto red felt and cut these out. Place the rectangle over the centre of the bow and glue the ends together at the back.

6. Add some brown paint to the bow tie to make it look dirty (using the same technique as before) and glue it onto the front of the t-shirt.

7. Snip the tips of the fingers off the pair of black gloves to finish.

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