How to Make a Mother’s Day Jewellery Box

How to Make a Mother's Day Jewellery Box #mothers #day #gift #jewellery #box #personalised #mum #craft #diy #handmade

Create a one-of-a-kind gift this Mother’s Day that she’ll treasure for years to come with this super-quick jewellery box make. Armed with a handful of stash essentials, paintbrush and alphabet stickers you’ll be done in next to no time!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Remove the glass and internal wooden frame from the box and pop to one side. Using white paint, cover the outside of the box. Apply two coats, leaving the paint to dry between each. While this is drying paint the front of the internal frame, taking extra care to not get any paint on the inside edge – craft or masking tape may be needed here.

2. To create an ombré effect on the inside compartments of the box, select two craft paints and pop a generous dollop of each into six containers: three containing one colour and the remaining three the other. Gradually add small amounts of white paint to four of the pots so you end up with a total of six different shades or tones of your chosen colours.

3. Start by painting the darkest colours at one end of the box working up to the lightest at the other. Cover the base of each compartment as well as the walls, do not cover the tops of the dividers. Once the first coat is dry apply a second, leaving to dry once again.

4. Paint the inside of the box with more of the white paint, using a fine paintbrush to cover the tops of the compartments. Leave the lid of the box open while the paint dries.

5. Pop the internal wooden frame along with the glass back in the box. Finally adhere ‘Mum’ Thicker stickers centrally along the long side of the box.

How to Make a Mother's Day Jewellery Box #mothers #day #gift #jewellery #box #personalised #mum #craft #diy #handmade

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