How to Make a Monster Wreath

How to Make a Monster Wreath #monster #wreath #halloween #decoration #kids #fun #bright #colourful #diy #easy

Make a colourful Halloween decoration this year and have a go at this fun monster wreath! Perfect for kids to get crafting, and not too scary for the little ones – why not make a few?

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. First you need to cut your fabric into strips, so you can tie them on to your wreath. Unroll your fabric and cut lengths of about 30cm – you will need quite a few for a full wreath, in both colours!

2. Once you have cut plenty of fabric, start attaching them onto your wreath by tying them around the wreath base, with the knot and ends on the front face of the wreath. Try to space the knots in different areas so that the ends stick up in different places.

3. Keep tying on more fabric, alternating between sections of blue and pink. If your wreath doesn’t look full enough, simply tie on some more fabric over the existing areas covered, and make sure to untuck any ends that get trapped underneath. 

4. Once you have gone all the way around, fluff up the ends a bit so they aren’t folded over and arrange them so they stick out enough in all areas. If necessary, you can trim them if you feel they are too long anywhere.

5. Finish off by gluing a flat head pin onto the back of two fake eyeballs with a glue gun. When dry, push the pin ends into the polystyrene base and they should stay in place.

How to Make a Monster Wreath #monster #wreath #halloween #decoration #kids #fun #bright #colourful #diy #easy

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