How to Make a Mirror Glaze Cake

Inspired by the yummy creations from bake off, we teamed up with Wilton to give you this amazing mirror glaze cake recipe to try at home!

How to Make a Mirror Glaze Cake

You Will Need

For the Cake

For the Glaze

For the Decorations

Craft Essentials


How to Make

1. Tint your fondant. Using gel colors, tint fondant following combinations provided: • Medium Blue: 7g fondant + Blue and Black icing colors • Dark Blue: 85g white fondant+ Blue, Violet and Black icing colours (divided in half) • Purple: 42g white fondant + Violet, Pink and Black icing colors 2. Make a ball with the Medium blue fondant, a ball with half the dark blue fondant and a ball with the purple fondant set to one side to dry a little. Mix a little tylose powder into the remaining dark blue fondant and roll out. Cut two or three triangles as per the picture and set aside to dry. 3. Bake and cool cake following recipe instructions. Cut board to fit 9 in. cake. Place cake on board and ice smooth with white decorators icing, building up icing about ½ in. on top of cake. Chill until ready to pour glaze.

5. Make your mirror glaze. In a large bowl, stir together gelatin and cold water according to the packet instructions. Leave to sit for 5 minutes to bloom. Add sweetened condensed milk and chopped Candy Melts candy. 6. In a saucepan, combine glucose, sugar, and 160ml cold water. Cook over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Continue cooking until mixture reaches 103º C. Pour hot sugar mixture over candy melt mixture. Stir to combine, then use an immersion blender or food processor to emulsify. Strain mixture through mesh strainer to remove any air bubbles. Divide mixture into 3 bowls containing 1 half and 2 quarters of the mixture – tint as follows: 7. Using icing colors, tint glaze following combinations provided: • Pink: 240ml glaze + Red and Christmas Red icing colors • Purple: 160ml glaze + Violet and Red icing colors • Reserve remaining glaze white. 8. Leave the glaze to rest for an hour or so in order for the gelatin to work its magic! You need a thick but runny consistency. 9. Place cake on cooling grid over baking sheet. Pour white glaze over entire cake. Pour pink glaze over 1/3 of cake. Pour purple glaze along line where pink and white glaze meet. 10. Using angled spatula, gently swipe tinted glaze at a slight angle, allowing it to drip off the cake. Chill until set, about 15 minutes. Using spatula, remove drips on bottom of cake; place on serving plate. 11. Sprinkle tinted side of cake with sprinkles. Arrange candy balls, gumball, chocolate candies and bark on tinted side of cake.
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