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I love to sew on my books and layouts so I have taken this opportunity to use my fave Hobbycraft sewing machine, some gold thread and these oh so colourful Eastern Opulence papers to make a little book to remind me of a day at the Safari Park with my sister. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sewing machine – you can use a gold pen to draw faux stitches onto your book or add your stitching by hand.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by matting your photos – I mainly used 3 x 2″ photos. I matted mine onto white card and used my sewing machine threaded with gold thread on the top and black thread on the bottom to sew around the outside of each one. Sometimes I used a zigzag stitch and sometimes I used a plain stitch. When you come to tie the ends of your threads together leave a length and don’t cut right to the knot – this adds some cool texture to your book.

2. Pick your favourite bits of paper – the Eastern Opulence papers have paisley patterns, elephants and mandalas so you are never stuck for choice. These papers are one-sided so its important you choose something nice to back them with. I used my sewing machine instead of glue to stick them back to back. I stitched along the lines of the patterns (well, I tried to!) as you can see the sewing isn’t perfect but I’m fine with that – it adds to the fun of the book.

Top Tip – pop a little piece of double-sided tape between the papers to keep them together whilst you sew – but make sure its not where your needle is likely to go. 

3. Cut out or tear accent pieces for your book and double-mat your photos.

Top Tip –  If you tear the paper TOWARDS you, you will expose the white core of the paper which gives it a really pretty finish.

4. Fussy-cut borders and paisley pieces to use as leaves. Fussy-cut around the shapes after you have sewn them, the peacocks, the elephants and the mandala shapes. Don’t forget to use your Intricut elephant and paisley shape dies.
Start to layer up your book. Use all the bits you have fussy-cut, and add your colourful flowers and quotation stickers, and don’t forget the ribbon! I even used it to tie two bits of one page together.

5. Finally, use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of each of your pages. You need these to bind your book together, you can use a book ring or ribbon, whatever you like.

This book is all about having fun with the paper – using the shapes of the patterns in the paper to make pages and embellishments, I think it is the most fun book I’ve ever made!

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