How to Make a Metallic Prelit Advent

How to Make a Metallic Prelit Advent #metallic #prelit #LED #advent #calendar #christmas #handmade #diy #craft #beginner #decoration

Here at Hobbycraft, we love everything that glitters! So of course we couldn’t resist making up this shimmering metallic prelit advent project using our new LED advent blank – the glittering gold works in perfect harmony with the lights!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. First of all, you need to paint the base colour of the whole advent. Use white acrylic or chalky paint to completely cover the wooden parts of the advent, including the doors of the drawers but not the handles.

Top Tip!

Don’t forget to remove the drawers when you do this or the dried paint will make them stuck in place!

2. Use a fine paintbrush and some gold acrylic, or a fine gold pen, to retrace the numbers on the front of the drawers.

3. Decorate the top of the advent house – paint the roof gold, and highlight any areas of the front design that you like with gold paint. We chose to highlight some of the snowflakes, the shooting star bits, and the antlers of the reindeer. Leave to dry.

4. Using a fine brush and some PVA glue, add glue to wherever you want to add glitter – we chose to only glitter the antlers for a subtle shimmer. Sprinkle on some gold glitter, shake of the excess and leave to dry.

5. Switch on the LED’s and admire your twinkling handiwork!

How to Make a Metallic Prelit Advent #metallic #prelit #LED #advent #calendar #christmas #handmade #diy #craft #beginner #decoration

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