How to Make a Marbled FIMO Trinket Dish

Marbling is an enormously satisfying technique that creates beautiful unique patterns. What better way to display this gorgeous craft trend than through the creation of a trinket dish. Here, crafters Little Button Diaries have used blue and orange Fimo, but you could of course use whichever colours you like. 

You Will Need

FIMO Clay » in 2 or more colours

Mod Podge Gloss »

Craft Essentials

Cling film

Sharp knife

Small bowl (or circular template the size you would like)

Paintbrush »

Pyrex bowl

How to Make

1. Cut the Fimo into the quantities you’d like. You will need about 80g in total.

2. Roll the Fimo into long sausages, twist them together and roll out into another long sausage.

3. Twist and roll together again and keep going until you get a nice bleed of the colours.

4. Roll the Fimo into a ball then place on a piece of cling film. Roll out to a thickness of roughly 3mm. Place a small dish on top of the Fimo and cut around it with a sharp knife.

5. Place the Fimo into a Pyrex bowl. Push down on the clay gently to form the curve of the bowl. Cook for 30 minutes at 130c.

6. Remove from the oven and take the Fimo out of the dish (you may need to prize it out a little with a knife). Leave to cool then add a coat of Mod Podge for shine.

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