How to Make a Macrame Feather Wall Hanging

Create this stunning wall hanging using a selection of cotton yarns and a tying technique that replicates the delicate shape of a feather. Crafter Debbie von Grabler-Crozier below explains the technique used to create this modern home decoration.

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1. Begin by cutting a length of winter white cotton yarn 1m long. Fold this over and tape the folded end to keep it nice and taut on your working surface.

Cut some more lengths of winter white yarn and also some brown. These measure 16cm long each.

Top tip! This bit can get tedious, so the quickest way to get it done is to get a piece of cardboard half the right length (we need yarn 16cm long so our card is 8cm wide) and wind the yarn around. It doesn’t have to be exact and it is better slightly too long.

Then cut it off. Hey Presto! Yarn pieces in bulk and the right length.

2. Measure up about 20cm on your first piece of long yarn and make a mark. Tie your first piece of cut yarn there with a normal single knot.

Keep doing this until you have about 35 rows.

Top tip! Taping the bottom end of the long thread makes tying easier.

3. Swap to brown for about 10 rows, and then white again for 12 rows.

4. The feather is now complete. Take the comb and tease the fibres out so that they unravel.

5. Then with your sharp scissors, trim into a feather shape. Thread a bead onto the long loop and slide it right down near the top of the feather. Glue into place.

6. Attach the long loop of yarn to the stick with a Larks Head knot beginning by looping the whole end around the stick, and then bringing the feathered end through the loop.

Top tip! If the end will not sit right, a small dab of glue and then arranging the fibres will do the trick. Allow to dry on a non-stick mat or similar and the clear drying glue will be invisible.

7. Make four more of these starting with the same initial length to make the long loop but beginning your feather 10cm up each time to achieve the chevron shape.

Top tip! This means that you will have to trim a bit more from the bottom and of course, make two of each successive size so that your wall hanging is symmetrical.

You can ring the changes by starting long and becoming progressively shorter too – have a play!

8. To make the hanging thread, simply plait three strands of your winter white yarn together to make a cord about 80cm long and tie it to each end of the stick. A small dab of glue will keep the knot secure.

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