How to Make a Loving Owls Cushion

Hello all, I hope you are having a lovely Christmas spending precious time with family. Today I want to show you how to create this adorable cushion cover which is perfect as a gift for family members or friends throughout the year or even to to add a splash of colour and creativity to your home!

You Will Need
Craft Essentials How To Make
  1. Fuse the bondaweb onto the wrong side of the small squares of cotton.
  2. Using the Owl die and the Bigz Die, cut two Owls and three hearts from the Midnight and Teal Fabrics.
  3. Using the same die and the Lime fabric, cut out two pairs of wings, two pairs of feet and two beaks.
  4. With the white fabric and the die, cut two pairs of large circles for the eyes.
  5. Arrange the hearts and owls with their wings, beaks, eyes and feet on one of the 40cm navy squares, using the photo as a guide. Fuse the shapes in place using an iron. This is the Right Side (RS) of the cushion front.
  6. Stitch around all the shapes using a straight stitch on the machine, and a dark thread for the owls and hearts, lime for the wings and beaks and white for the eyes.
  7. Set the sewing machine to a large, wide zig-zag setting and with lime thread make several rows of stitching across the width of the cover, just under the owl’s feet, to create a seat for them.
  8. Stitch the buttons in place to finish the owls’ eyes.
  9. With the cushion front RS up, lay the cushion back on top, and pin and stitch the pieces together using a 6 mm seam, leaving half of the bottom edge open.
  10. Turn RS out and insert the cushion pad.
  11. Pin the seam allowances of the opening together and slip-stitch together.


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