How to Make a Large Floral Egg

How to Make a Large Floral Egg #large #floral #egg #polystyrene #blank #decoration #home #easter #springHow to Make a Large Floral Egg #large #floral #egg #polystyrene #blank #decoration #home #easter #spring

Looking to make something a bit more bright and quirky for Easter this year? Look no further! This fantastic make is the perfect accessory to add some colour to your home this Easter.

Pom poms and florals are so on trend this year, they are everywhere that you look! So what a lovely way to bring them together to create this floral egg.

This could be a decoration that sits on the side in your home or you could add some ribbon to the top of it and hang it up.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
Glue Gun »
How to Make

1. A great way to start off this make is by looking at everything that you have chosen to decorate this poly egg with and deciding how you are going to put it all together.

2. Starting at the bottom of the poly egg and working your way up is the best course of action! Use a glue gun to start sticking the flowers to the bottom of the poly egg.

Top Tip!…Using smaller pom poms at the bottom will help with the stability of the poly egg when you need to stand it up right. 

3. Keep gluing flowers to the bottom of the poly egg. The higher up the poly egg you go, start to use a few pom poms and smaller flower heads in between the gaps to build it up.

6. Thinking about the composition of the look you are going for, use a range of different flowers with the pom poms. This will compliment the design.

7. And for the last finishing touch, use a piece of ribbon to wrap around the centre of the poly egg and tie it in a bow.

How to Make a Large Floral Egg #large #floral #egg #decoration #spring #easter #diy #craft

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