How to Make a Ladybird Valentine’s Day Card

Make this tactile Valentine’s Day card that cleverly using a paper fastener to help this ladybird spread it’s wings! Add your own sentiment to the middle of the card using gold self-adhesive stickers. 

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Start by cutting four circles using a circle cutter. Use red cardstock to cut one at 6 1/8″, another at 6″ and a further two at 4″ using black cardstock.

2. Lay the 6″ circle on top of a smaller black circle fixing in place with double sided tape creating the ladybird body.

3. Cut the remaining red circle in half creating two wings, make one hole at the top of each piece then place in position on the ladybird body and make a hole where the wing holes are securing all the layers in place with a paper fastener. Secure the back of the fastener in place with a small piece of double sided tape.

4. Fix two thin strips of black cardstock to the reverse side then attach the remaining black circle covering the paper fastener creating a neat finish.

5. Attach two wiggly eyes and fix the sentiment in place to finish.

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