How to Make a Kissing Ball

How to Make a Kissing Ball #diy #handmade #wedding #kissingball

Kissing balls are a beautiful alternative to fresh flowers on your wedding day. Foam flowers are much cheaper and just as pretty, and you can create a stunning floral arrangement in no time at all – give it a go!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. To start, cut your wired roses leaving about 1cm of wire from the head, as this will help place the roses into the polystyrene ball more securely.

Top Tip! . . .Most polystyrene balls have a join around the middle of the ball. This is great to use as a start guide when gluing your flowers.

2. All the way around the middle of your ball, place your flowers into the polystyrene. Once happy with the spacing of the flowers, use your glue gun to glue in place.

3. Repeat step 2, placing more flowers above and below the first line of flowers securing with a glue gun. Fill the ball until you are left with a small space at the top.

4. To hang the kissing ball take a piece of ribbon and fold it in half, using a pin to collect the two ends of the ribbon and place into the top of the polystyrene ball. Glue to secure.

5. Once your ribbon is secure, place your last flower next to the ribbon to hide the join.

6. To add detail to your kissing ball, use wired crystals randomly placed in between the flowers. Use the wire they’re on to place into the polystyrene ball and glue into place.

Top Tip! . . . For optional detail, you can place beads into the centre of some of your roses. Pearls and crystal beads look great for this, and you can glue them in place with your glue gun.

How to Make a Kissing Ball #diy #handmade #wedding #kissingball

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