How to Make a Kid’s Valentine’s Day Selfie Frame Card

Make Valentine’s Day a lasting memory with this personalized selfie frame card! You will need just a few materials to make this cute and unique project. Grab a cute photo and enjoy this keepsake for many years to come!

You Will NeedHow to Make
  1. Cover a square card front with red glitter hearts. To ensure an even distribution of hearts, start by sticking the top horizontal row then the first vertical row.

2. Now that the heart spacing is defined, apply the bottom horizontal and the right vertical rows. Take three hearts and cut in half, using the top half just under the top row and the bottom part just above the bottom row.

 Top tip! Save on stickers and avoid applying them to the middle of the card, this is where the photo frame will sit, so they won’t be seen.

3. Choose a cute black and white photo to back of the photo frame. Apply 3D foam pads to the back of the framed photo, then mount at an angle onto the card front.

Top tip! Apply a sparing amount of glue to the back of the frame to avoid it bleeding onto the photo.

4. Cut a stripe of white cardstock and add a handwritten “we love you” greeting. Adhere below the frame with 3D foam pads.


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