How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Slider Card

Create a motivational slider card with a difference using the new layering clear stamp and die sets from Hobbycraft’s Luxe Craft range. Simply stamp you image and then use the dies included within the set to cut it out. To ensure the die stays in place as it makes it’s way through your die cutting machine, use a piece of low-tack tape, such as washi tape, to stick the die down. Once everything has passed through the machine carefully peel off the tape.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Open out a 5 x 7” white card blank and trim down to 15 x 22cm, fold the card blank back in half and you will notice one side is approximately 1cm wider. Make a crease line where the overhang starts so you end up with a panel measuring 10.5cm, crease, 10.5cm, crease, 1cm. This 1cm end will become a glue tab. Place to one side for later use.

2. Cut a 10 x 14cm panel of patterned paper and back onto white cardstock for stability. Stamp and die cut the word ‘Sky’ and attach to the panel, stamp out the remaining sentiment above and below.

Attach a few hand or die-cut white clouds here and there, making sure to secure one to the very top to use as a pull tab. Place the completed panel to one side for later.

3. Trim a 10 x 14.5cm patterned paper panel and attach to the card base (constructed in step one) on the section nearest the tab. Cut a semi-circle into the top of both large sections using a circular craft punch.

4. Cut an 8cm long slit through the patterned paper as shown in the below photo. Trim a 1 x 9cm strip of cardstock, fold one end by approximately 1.5cm, place double-sided tape on the reverse side keeping the removable backing paper intact, place the strip inside the slit horizontally leaving the tab poking out the front.

5. Turn the card over and remove the backing paper from the double-sided tape on the slider strip. Position the sentiment panel over the top of the panel, making sure it is positioned centrally and that the sentiment is face down, once happy with the positioning secure into place.

6. Glue the edge of the card together at the side tab to create a pocket.

7. Stamp and die cut the hot air balloon and colour in using Artiste Marker Pens, fix the balloon to the slider tab before adding a handful of clouds to finish.

Top tip: If the balloon does not sit straight, attach a 3d foam pad to the underside keeping the backing paper intact so that the balloon can still slide up and down freely.

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