How to Make a Holly Jolly Christmas Box Card

If you’re after a show-stopping card for your nearest and dearest this festive season, then look no further than this Christmas box card made with the very festive A Holly Jolly Christmas collection, which will be sure to put a smile on the lucky recipients face for sure!

The box card folds down flat, making it easy to pop into the post to friends and family that live a little further afield.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Begin by constructing the exploding box card blank, this can be done either by downloading, printing and then transferring the template or by carrying out the following instructions… On a sheet of white card, draw a rectangle measuring 18.7 x 18 cm. From the far right draw a vertical line 1.2 cm in from the edge, and another at 8.2 cm. Next draw a horizontal line 9 cm from the bottom. Cut out the rectangle and score all the lines. Using a craft knife and metal ruler, cut the two vertical lines from the top down to the middle horizontal line. The thin section on the right is a tab that is only needed on the bottom half, so trim away the top half cutting across the tab at a slight angle. This makes the front half of the box card.

2. Repeat step one to make the back half of the box card, but this time do not score horizontally across the larger left side, just the smaller right side of the line. Fold all score lines on both sections, glue both tabs, and fix together to form the box shape with the tabs on the inside. Make sure the box card folds flat before the glue dries.

3. Make two supporting cross members measuring 13.5 x 4 cm from white card. Score two vertical lines 1.5 cm in from both ends to make tabs. Fold the left tab under, and the right tab over on both pieces. Glue all tabs and insert both pieces into the top of the box. Make sure the tabs sit the same way for both cross members, that they are level with the top of the box, and the box closes flat nicely. 

4. Now that the box construction is complete, the fun begins by decorating it with the Holly Jolly Christmas patterned paper. Round all the corners of the box flaps with a corner punch and echo this with the patterned paper. Use a sheet of the green candy cane paper to cover the back panel. Use the font paper for the three flaps and also cover the two supporting cross members with present paper. 

5. Take the Christmas sentiment thicker sticker, and team this up with the happy word from the sheet of pattern paper with four different designs on it. Add a little section of red frame behind and attach to the top of the back panel using 3D foam squares.

6. Using the same sheet of pattern paper with the four designs on, trim around the dark panel with the tree in the centre leaving no boarders. Round the corners and matt with white card. Directly fix on top of this the foam topper with Father Christmas and the tree hiding the original tree design underneath.

7. Craft another matted layer using the candy cane paper with rounded corners to match. Fix these layers onto the back panel using 3D foam squares. Use tacky glue to add a red bow and also a holly motif thicker sticker on top.

8. Use more candy cane paper with a red frame to decorate the front flap. Fix into place with 3D foam squares. Place the ‘with love’ thicker sticker on top and embellish with another bow, star and holly leaves.

9. Both side flaps are decorated by using elements fussy cut from the patterned papers. Use a 5 cm diameter circle cutter to die cut Father Christmas with the snowman and the Christmas tree for toppers. Also fussy cut two pale blue banner pieces to sit below the circular toppers. Fix these into place using 3D foam squares. Add further thicker sticker embellishments of stars and holly leaves to side flap designs.

10. Choose three different elf die-cut toppers to stand inside the exploding box. On the reverse of each elf, remove the foam fixing and just add glue to the bottom area before positioning onto the cross members.

11. Take six thicker sticker present motifs and back each one with paper. Further decorate these by added a thicker sticker stars onto two of them, and a tiny twine bow on the remaining four. Glue these onto the cross members and adding two to the back panel. Add a thicker sticker candy cane in the same way to fill up any gaps.

12. Lastly, decorate the outside of the box card with panels of coloured cardstock of your choice (we opted for red). Add a twine bow to the front panel to make it look like a wrapped present. The easiest way to do this is to wrap the twine around the panel as usual positioning it off centre. Tie the ends into a neat bow, and cut the tails to length. Tie a second piece of twine over the first bow incorporating the lower twine band, and tie a second bow. Cut the tails to suit. 

13. On the reverse side, place small amounts of double-sided tape under the twine right on the outer edges of the panel. This will hold the twine in place to enable the bulky crossed over section to be cut away completely. Fully secure the twine cut ends with add glue and fix onto the front panel to complete the box card.

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