How to Make a Heart Glitter Shaker

How to Make a Heart Glitter Shaker #heart #glitter #shaker #kids #craft #valentines

Let the kids share the love this Valentine’s Day, with these fun little heart glitter shakers! Some simple craft essentials are all you need to create these little projects, and you can use old jam jars if you have them to hand. Just make sure to supervise any children using a glue gun.

You Will Need Craft Essentials

Glue gun »  (cold melt is best for children)


How to Make

1. First of all, take a few pipe cleaners from your pack. Use your hands to bend the top into a heart shape, making sure you leave a stem underneath of at least a couple of centimetres. Cut to size if needed.

2. Use the glue gun to stick the stem of the pipe cleaner hearts onto the inside of the jar lid. Leave to dry.

3. Place the lid onto the jar and check that the hearts all fit inside. Add a few more if you want.

4. Take the lid off the jar and shake some glitter into the bottom of the jar – you’ll want about a teaspoon of glitter.

5. Add some water to your jar, until it’s about three quarters full. Use a spoon to stir the glitter until it’s mixed into the water.

6. Screw the lid on top tightly and shake!

How to Make a Heart Glitter Shaker #heart #glitter #shaker #kids #craft #valentines #easy

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