How to Make a Heart Button Cushion

Cushions are great projects to make if you’re a beginner in sewing, and you don’t necessarily need a sewing machine to be able to make one, as they’re relatively quick to hand sew. This heart button cushion is super quick and easy to make and can be made in a variety of colours to suit your taste.

You will need Craft Essentials How to make
  1. Cut one piece of fabric 41cm by 41cm for the front panel.
  2. Sew the buttons in place using a heart template as a guide for shape and position three. Cut two further pieces from the fabric, one at 41cm by 20cm, one at 41cm by 33cm. Pin and machine stitch a hem along one long edge of each piece and press.
  3. Overlap these pieces so that when pinned they form the envelope back of the cushion, measuring 41cm square.
  4. Place the front panel on top of this (right sides together) pin, then machine stitch around the outside.
  5. Snip triangles from the corners to reduce bulk, then remove pins and turn right side out.
  6. Place cushion pad inside cover.

How to Make Button Heart Cushion #Valentines

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