How to Make a ‘Happy Birthday’ Sentiment Card

If time is tight and you need to rustle up a Happy Birthday card in super-quick time, Jolee’s Boutique toppers are ideal! Simply remove the topper from the backing sheet and adhere to your card blank, just like we have with this colourful notelet.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1.Take an A4 sheet of white cardstock and place on an A3 cutting mat in a landscape orientation. Use a metal edge ruler and a scoring tool to score a line exactly down the middle of the sheet of paper. Fold in half. You should now have a piece of folded cardstock that measures 10.5(H) x 29.7(W)cm

2. Trim 8.7cm from the width of the folded cardstock, so that you now have a card blank that measures 10.5(H) x 21(W)cm.

3. Select two different colours of cardstock that compliment the topper, we opted for turquoise and yellow. Select one to be the main focus, this will sit on the front of the card. Trim this to 10.5(H) x 21(W)cm. Using a pencil draw a 1.3cm border on the back of the cardstock. Remove the central section using a craft knife and metal ruler.

4. Repeat the process with your second colour of cardstock, trimming a 10.5(H) x 21(W)cm panel, use a pencil and ruler to mark a 1.5cm border in from each outside edge. Remove the central section using a craft knife and metal ruler.

5. Add double-sided tape to the back of the border created in step three, and secure on top of the border created in step four.

6. Trim 1cm strips of self-adhesive Fab Foam, and secure to the reverse of the stacked frames, trimming to size with a sharp pair of scissors. Stack three strips of foam on top of each other, so that the border sits level with the topper once it is secured into place. Stick the border into place with double-sided tape.

7. To complete the design, remove the topper from the carrier sheet and secure centrally within the aperture.  

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