How to Make a Halloween Spider Squishy

Create this creepy, crawly, squishy spider this Halloween to decorate your home. This cute character is easy to make and utilises duck tape and toy stuffing. Read on to find out how!

You Will Need
Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. Stuff the cello bag using the soft toy filling – make sure that you use a lot of filling ensuring that the squishy is substantial enough to take the duck-tape. Secure the cello bag using the adhesive strip at the top.


2. Begin wrapping the black duck-tape around the cello bag, folding down the corners to achieve a more rounded shape and making sure there are no gaps.


3. After the cello bag is completely covered in duck-tape, place your squishy facing downwards and position four pipe cleaners across the body.


4. Use another strip of duck-tape to secure the legs into place.


5. Turn the squishy over and start adding the last of the details. Round out the legs by bending the pipe cleaners by hand and place two eyes and teeth to complete.

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