How to Make a Green Stag Wreath

How to Make a Green Stag Wreath #green #stag #wreath #star #wood #textured #foliage #christmas #home #decor #craft

If you love lots of texture and classic colouring at Christmas, have a go at this stunning green stag wreath. Featuring lots of green and wood textures, it’s perfect for adding that cosy touch to your home decor over the festive season, bringing some of the outside in.

Tutorial by Jessica Hillier.

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Top Tip!

If you wanted a fuller design with your wreath we advise you to add extra foliage in before you make your wreath. Hobbycraft have a wide selection of fake eucalyptus and ivy, or you can use fresh foliage.

1. Fluff out the wreath. Add any extra foliage you may want.

2. Choosing a wire/string, feed it through the main frame of the wreath, bring both ends of the wire/string up, make a loop 5cm big and twist/knot to tie it off. Cut the excess and feed the twisted/knot part back through the wreath and bring the loop to the top. This will now be the top of your design to work from.

3. How to wire pine cones – place the wire just before the bottom of the pine cone, so you can hide the wire inside the pine cone. Once done, wrap the wire around and twist it off, so you are left with two long wires at the back.




4. One by one, place a pine cone onto the wreath and feed through the wire either side of the wreaths main frame and take each wire to the back of the wreath. Once through twist off and cut the excess. Complete this stage until done.


5. Place your glue gun on and when ready scatter out your wooden reindeer and stars onto the wreath (remember to balance them around so they can be seen from all sides of the wreath). When happy, glue gun each one on. Allow 5 minutes to fully let the glue dry out, before starting the next stage.



6. With each of the small pine cones, glue gun these one at a time. Make sure to make these random as it will give your design depth and detail when looking up close. Allow 5 minutes to fully let the glue dry out.

How to Make a Green Stag Wreath #green #stag #wreath #star #wood #textured #foliage #christmas #home #decor #craft

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