How to Make a Granny Square Skirt

Love anything granny square? Then you will love making this skirt by Hey Day Crochet. The pattern uses our lovely Rico cotton yarn so which makes the colours really pop.

How To Make A Granny Square Skirt

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Ss = slip stitch Sk = skip Ch = Chain Dc = double crochet Dc2tog = double crochet 2 together. Tr = Treble Crochet FO = Fasten off

The skirt is made by making 30 individual granny-squares which are joined together, they can be sewn or crocheted together using a join as you go method on the final round, either way works great so do whichever you prefer. When selecting colours for the squares I chose to pick randomly to create the effect shown. You could also make uniform squares with the colours in a set sequence its entirely up to you!!

This is a UK pattern using uk crochet terminology.

The skirt is sized at uk 12-14 30/32 inch waist.

skirt 2

How To Make A Granny Square Skirt

Using 3mm hook, and Candy Pink, Purple, Emerald and Banana make 10 squares,

Rnd 1: ch4 join with a ss to first ch, ch3, 2 tr into circle, (ch1,3 tr into circle) x3, ch1 join with ss to 3rd ch or starting ch. FO weave in ends.

Rnd 2: Join new colour at any corner ch space, ch3, 2tr, ch1, 3tr. (3tr, ch1,3tr) into next 3 corners, join with ss to 3rd ch of starting ch. FO weave in ends

Rnd 3: Join new colour at any corner ch space, ch3,2tr, ch1,3tr into corner. (3tr into space, 3tr, ch1,3tr into corner ch space) x3, 3tr into space between groups, join with ss to 3rd ch of starting ch.FO weave in ends.

Rnd 4: Join new colour at any corner ch space, ch3, 2tr, ch1,3tr into corner, (3tr into space between groups twice, 3tr, ch1,3tr into corner)x3, 3tr into space between groups twice. Join with ss to 3rd ch of starting ch.FO, weave in ends.

Here is where you can decide to add the final round to the granny square in black, or use a join as you go method to join your squares together using black.

Rnd 5: Join black yarn into any corner chain space, ch3, 2tr, ch1 ,3tr into corner. 3tr into each space between groups, 3tr, ch1,3tr, into each corner space, join with ss to 3rd ch of starting chain. FO weave in ends.

Next using the 4mm hook make 10 squares as above.

Using the 5mm hook make 10 more squares as above.

Using Black, join the squares into a rectangle 10 squares wide and 3 squares deep.

The smallest squares (made with the 3mm hook) at the top of the rectangle, followed by the squares made with 4mm hook and finally the largest squares on the bottom row which were made with the 5mm hook.

This will give you the A line shape.



Rnd 1: Using 4mm hook and black, join the yarn at the bottom right hand front, work 64dc up the  short edge of the rectangle. You should make 1 dc in each treble and in each space between treble groups.

Rnd 2-6;  ch1, 1dc in each dc. FO


Button Band:

Rnd 1; Join yarn at top left front, work 64dc down the short edge making 1dc into each treble and each space between treble groups. turn

Rnd 2; ch1, 1dc in each dc. Turn

Rnd 3; ch1, 2 dc, ch2 sk2 7 dc, (ch2, sk2, 8 dc) x 4, ch2, sk2, 7 dc, ch2, sk2, 2 dc. turn

Rnd 4; ch1 dc in each dc and 2dc in each ch2 space. turn

Rnd 5+6; ch1 dc in each dc to end.

Without breaking yarn continue to work waistband as follows..


Rnd 1; dc in each tr and space between treble groups along top edge. (220 dc) turn

Rnd2;(decrease row) ch1, 6 dc, 21 dc2tog, 20 dc, 10 dc2tog, 42 dc, 10 dc2tog, 20 dc, 21 dc2tog, 6 dc. turn

Rnd 3; ch1, dc in each dc to end. Turn

Rnd 4; ch1, dc to last 4 stitches ch2, sk 2, 2 dc. turn

Rnd 5; ch1, 2 dc, 2 dc in ch2 space, dc to end. Turn

Rnd 6; ch 1, dc to last stitch, dc3 into final stitch, do not fasten off!

Final edging and hem

Rnd 1;Turn 90 degrees and continue to work dc in each dc down left buttonband edge to last stitch, dc 3 in final stitch, turn work 90 degrees and work dc in each tr and space between trebles across hem edge, dc2 into final stitch, ss to corner st. FO sew in ends.

Sew on your buttons using sewing thread, and your ready to flounce about in a fabulous retro skirt!!


If you wish to make the skirt longer you can simply add another row of grannies to the bottom before edging, just remember to go up a hook size when you make them.

This skirt is a size uk 12-14 but the waistband could be adjusted to fit smaller sizes by altering the decrease row. By decreasing the stitches by half eg dc2tog across the whole of waistband row 2 will give you a uk size 8. Just be sure to measure the waistband after decreases!!

Happy Hooking!!

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