How to Make a Woven Dreamcatcher

If you’re looking for an alternative way to use up your yarn stash, create a God’s eye woven dreamcatcher! You can hang these beautiful and creative makes from the trees in your garden during summer, or as a quirky and fun decoration inside your home.

Project by Hannah Crocombe.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Technique: Wrapping and Weaving

Choose your colours, the orders you want them in as you work from the centre of your cross outwards. Choose the yarn you want to start with, it’s best to work with the whole ball of yarn as you wrap round the cross.

1. Hold your dowel rods together, next to each other and with your ball of yarn, tie the yan around them both in the middle with a knot.

2. Turn the sticks so that they are like a cross, adjacent to one another, still tied together in the middle of the cross.

3. You will need to have the yarn in one hand and turn the cross in the other hand, in motion with your wrapping as you go, this will get easier as you keep wrapping and the yarn makes your shape secure. At first, it will look a bit messy but stick with it and your shape with become clear.

As your shape builds, take care to wrap the yarn with a firm tension, not too tight or too loose, and wrap keeping the yarn layers in line with each other creating a smooth finish.

4. Start wrapping your yarn around the dowel rods (tuck in the loose end under the moving yarn as you wrap and after a few turns it should be very secure and unseen) there are several ways you can wrap around the cross shape and these will give you different effects.


What is a ‘God’s Eye Weaving’?

The Ojo de Dios or God’s eye is a ritual tool, magical object, and cultural symbol evoking the weaving motif and its spiritual associations for the Huichol and Tepehuan Indians of western Mexico. The God’s Eye is symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable, The Mystery. The four points represent the elemental processes: earth, fire, air, and water.


For the “Diamond Shape”

(With yarns at the front side of the wrap, the yarn wraps over the top of the dowel rod) Wrap the yarn over, back around and over each end of the dowel rod (four times). Your diamond shape will start to build as you repeat the layers.

How to Make a God's Eye Weaving #weaving #godseyeweaving #godseye

To Emphasise the Wrapped Dowel Rods

(With the yarns at the back side of the wrap, the yarn wraps under the dowel rod) Wrap the yarn under, back around and under each end of the dowel rod (four times). The layers will start to build on your dowel rods.

To Wrap the Rods Individually

(With no front or back wraps) Wrap around the rod and tie off when you have reached the point you want to. Repeat on each end of the dowel rods so that they are all wrapped to the same length, you will need to tie on and tie off the yarn for each dowel rod. When you are finished, continue with another technique if desired.

How to Make a God's Eye Weaving #weaving #godseyeweaving #godseye

Adding the Tassels

Leave some room to add tassels. When ends are all tied off, make and add your tassels to the two side rods and the bottom one. Hang them by yarn through the tassel and round the rod so that they are looped over. Adding a bit of glue here would help keep them in place if you think it is needed.


Not sure how to make tassels?

Check out this post by Little Button Diaries » 

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Hanging your Gods Eye Weaving

With your chosen yarn, attach it to the top of the dowel rod by wrapping it round and tucking in the end, a knot here would help it to stay in place and do the same on the otherside of the rod with the end of your yarn so that you have a loop to hang from. Sometime a tapestry needle helps with this bit!

How to Make a God's Eye Weaving #weaving #godseyeweaving #godseye


Try wrapping round the same dowel rod more than once or alternate between the techniques above. There isn’t a right or wrong when experimenting, but try to stick to that new ‘technique’ to see how the layers build up and what effect it has- just doing anything could look too messy! You can use thick and thin yarn, ribbon and fabrics and all will have different effects!

Changing Colour and Tying Off

You change colour at any time at the point of the dowel rod, simply cut off with a few centimetres to spare and wrap in the end with the new yarn over the top. Don’t be afraid to wrap round the rod a couple of times to start off and make it secure, as you go round, keep the spare end tucked in so that when you wrap your yarn covers it and so layer by layer it will be tucked in and eventually unseen.

How to Make a God's Eye Weaving #weaving #godseyeweaving #godseye

How to Make a God's Eye Weaving #weaving #alternative #yarn #godseye

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