How to make a Glitter Ball Tea Cosy

How to make a Glitter Ball Tea Cosy #glitterball #tea #cosy #pattern #knitting #crochet

Autumn has arrived and so has our favourite dance competition! So get the kettle on and use this Strictly inspired tea cosy to keeeeeeeep knitting !

How to make a Glitter Ball Tea Cosy

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need


  • YA- Yarn A
  • YB – Yarn B
  • St- Stitch
  • K2tog- knit 2 stitches together


How to make

Using 3.25mm needles and Yarn A cast on 61 sts

RS: Knit

WS: Purl

Next row: K1 YA, join 1st ball of yarn B, K2, *k1 YA, k2 YB* k1 YA

Next row: P1 YA *p2 YB, p1 YA* P1 YA

Next row: Knit YA

Next row: P1 YA, join 2nd ball of yarn B, K2 *p2 YB, p1 YA* P1 YA

Next row: K1 YA, *k1 YA, k2 YB* k1 YA

Next row: Purl YA

This completes the pattern that is used throughout the project. Note that you are working with 2 balls of Yarn B so that you do not have to carry the yarn along the back on the rows where it isn’t needed.

Continue until work measures 10cm

Leave work on a holder and work the other side the tea pot in the same way

RS: Work all sts on needle until the final st. Move the last st on the holding needle with the other side of the tea cosy and k2tog. Continue to work along the remaining stitches. You will now be working along all stitches (121sts)

Continue in pattern until work measures 14cm

RS: *k1 YA, k2tog YB* k1 YA (81sts)

This is now the new pattern lay out

Continue until work measures 19cm

RS: K1 YA, *k2tog YB, k2tog YA* (41 sts)

WS:P1 YA, *p1 YB, p1 YA* (41 sts)

RS: Using YA, *k2tog* K1


Thread through the remaining sts on the needles and pull to make sure the top of the tea cosy fits over the handle of the tea pot and secure into place.

With RS facing together sew down 8cm from the top. Then leave a gap for the handle and sew 2.5cm from the bottom.

Sew 2.5cm from the bottom on the other side to leave a gap for the spout.

Make 3 pompoms using 2 ends of YB and 1 end of YA. Secure around the top of the tea cosy.

Tie in all loose ends.

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