How to Make a Geometric Sketchbook Cover with POSCA

As a creative person, you’ll probably have a whole collection of sketch books of various sizes. Why limit your creativity to the inside pages? Give your jotters and journals a personal touch by decorating the cover! POSCA pens are ideal for such a task as they work so well on a range of surfaces, from card and plastic to linen and leather, so you can whip up a collection of decorated sketch books that are unique to you.

We thought we’d start with something that anyone can do but still looks really professional and stylish. We have decorated an art staple- the Seawhite Wiro Portrait Sketchbook, with simple lines, using vibrant POSCA metallic pens to create a cool, contemporary look. All you need is the pens and a ruler to put together this very effective design.

POSCA paint markers are great to work with and offer so many creative possibilities. Water-based and non-toxic, POSCA paint pens dry opaque with a vibrant matte finish and solid colour so they look amazing on dark surfaces such as this black sketchbook cover as you can see here.

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1. Mark a point on your book and work outwards from there drawing a series of straight lines with your gold POSCA and a ruler. Draw at angles out to form a starting structure from which to form your design. Work lines around this out into the edge of the book.


2. Once you’ve made a base structure with your gold POSCA, enhance your design by using your ruler to make lines with your silver POSCA pen.


3. You want the design to be predominantly metallic but it really makes these hues pop when you add some white. So take your white POSCA and make accent lines in your geometric design.


4. Take a look at your design and, add some further gold lines to enhance the look as a finishing touch.

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