How to Make a Geometric Present Stack Advent

Looking for an advent that’s more unique? Have a go at this super trendy geometric design on one of our present stack blanks – perfect for hiding lots of little advent gifts inside!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Deconstruct the present advent so that you have four sections. Take the Pink Blush acrylic paint and add a small amount of white. Mix enough paint to cover the entire advent three times. Thin the paint slightly, using three parts paint to one-part water. Leave the first coat to dry before applying a further two coats.

Top Tip! Paint the advent with the doors open to prevent them becoming stuck.

2. Once the base coat is completely dry use washi tape to start masking out the first layer of triangles and then paint, starting with the top layer and working your way down.

Top Tip! Depending what colours you are using some may need more than one coat.

3. Remove the washi tape after a few minutes whilst the paint is still wet, then leave to dry completely before masking off any overlapping triangles. Leave to dry.

4. Create numbers for each of the doors using either hand drawn numbers or cardstock cut into triangles and hexagons. I’ve used my Cricut Explore Air and Design Space to create my own advent number toppers, but you could also use painted wooden numbers. Adhere a number to each of the doors with tacky glue, hold each number in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to set.

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