How to Make a Geometric Mobile

Creating a statement backdrop is a piece of cake with a helping hand from the Cricut Explore Air™ / Air 2™ / Maker™ and the online software, Design Space™. Three dimensional objects are quickly created as the score lines are added by the machine at the time of cutting; all you need to do is glue the pieces together!

Please note:

This project uses one 3D hanging pyramid box to create a geometric mobile: there are numerous alternative designs available, or you could even upload your own design!

The term ‘Cricut Explore’ refers to all the Explore machines: Explore™, Explore Air™, Explore Air 2™ and Explore One™.

You Will Need Craft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Using a laptop/Mac/iPad/iPhone, log on to your Design Space™ account and make sure you are connected to your Explore™ / Maker™ machine. Open a new project and search for ‘Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2’ in the cartridges. Select the box cone.

2. If the image selected is comprised of two pieces, ungroup the images, move them closer together and re-group them. This will reduce the spacing and use of resource when cutting.

3. Resize the image as desired: this project was resized to be approximately 16cm / 6.3” high x 20cm / 7.9” wide.

4. Cut the images from a variety of different coloured and glitter cardstock, inserting the scoring stylus as instructed on screen.

Top tip! Use the XL applicator tool to apply the cardstock to the cutting mat to ensure good contact.

5. Remove the cut images from the cutting mat using the spatula.

6. Use the scraper tool to fold and crease the images.

7. Glue the tabs to the opposite side of the image using either double sided tape or hot glue. Fold the underside tabs in sequence to seal the shape.


8. Tie invisible thread/monofilament to the shapes in varying lengths and hang in an abstract design to create a mobile or back drop.

Top tip! Tie the threads on to a painted piece of doweling, twig or pendant lampshade to create your desired display.

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