How to Make a Geometric Advent Tree

Fancy creating something a little different this Christmas? Have a go at making this gorgeous geometric advent tree! Modern and on-trend, this advent calendar puts a twist on traditional Christmas greens to bring a little style and evergreen into your home this festive season!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Paint the front and back of the advent tree using one of the 5 acrylic paints you have chosen. Make sure to leave the sides as unpainted MDF, this will add to the overall look of the advent calendar once completed. Leave the first coat of paint to completely dry before applying another coat.

2. Using a pencil and ruler, draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines onto the surface of the drawers… These lines will later on be used as guidelines to create precise triangles.

3. Apply small strips of masking tape before applying paint to each triangle.

4. You will have to keep changing the masking tape for each triangle that you paint. Only remove it when you have done at least 2-3 coats of paint on each triangle. Leave each drawer to dry properly.
Choose one of the 5 colours of acrylic paint to paint the drawer handles.

5. Use tacky glue to apply numbers onto the surface of the drawers to complete the look of the geometric advent tree. Leave to completely dry before putting each drawer back into the advent calendar.


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