How to Make Galaxy Fluid Art

Be inspired by the midnight sky and create your very own galaxy artwork by using the technique of fluid art. Use Pebeo Fantasy Prism and Fantasy Moon Discovery paints to easily make these mesmerising canvasses. Fluid art is a fantastic technique that allows anybody to achieve striking results. The best thing about fluid pouring is that no two pieces will ever look the same!

Tutorial by Hannah Read-Baldrey

You Will Need Craft Essentials

Plastic Gloves

Cover for surface

Kitchen Roll

Paintbrushes »

How to Make

N.B. You will need a well ventilated room to work in and allow paint to dry in.

1. To begin prepare your surface, cover with a plastic sheet or several layers of newspaper.

2. Select the paints you want to use to create a space background we have used Onyx, Ebony (both blacks) and Metal Blue, then brighter Pearl Violine, Marina, Silver, Gold and Antique Pink.

3. Before you start painting, make sure you are wearing the plastic gloves and have kitchen roll nearby.

4. Start by pouring the darker coloured paints around the outside edges of the canvas, this will set the tone for the dark outer space background. Using the lollipop stick smooth the paint over the canvas.

5. Once covered use the lighter colours such as the purples, silvers and golds. Once the canvas is covered in paint lift it up and tilt to one side for a few seconds at a time, so paint drips around the surface creating natural patterns and shapes. The paint will constantly move throughout the drying process, but once you are happy with your design leave on a flat surface to dry.

6. Don’t worry too much if some of the paint drips over the sides.

7. Next add the stars once the paint is a bit tacky or after around 45 mins of drying. To do this simply use the end of the lollipop stick and dip into the Pearl White paint, then dab randomly onto the picture.

8. Allow the paint to dry fully, then paint the sides of your box canvas using the black acrylic paint.

9. Then hang in a row to inspire you to imagine beyond the stars. Happy space travel! 

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