How to Make a Frozen Wishes Stepper Card

If you’re looking to create a festive greeting with dimension, you can’t go wrong with a stepper card. This type of card is ideal when you’re using build-a-scene dies, as you can create as many ‘steps’ as you like to create depth within your design, and in half the time if you were to create a conventional tent fold card.

We’ve decided to keep things clean and simple with a white colour palette, adding clear heat embossed elements to add contrast, however you could recreate this design in whatever colour palette you like with as many toppers and embellishments as you wish.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Begin by constructing the stepper card blank. This consists of three sections; the first one measures 11.4 x 27.2 cm and is made from 210gsm white card. Make a score line half way across the width, and fold.

2. Repeat as before to make the second section, this time from 180gsm Premium White card. Add a score line half way across the width of the folded front, and fold back on itself.

3. Make up the third section, again from 180gsm Premium White Card, which measures 11.4 x 22.8 cm. From one end, create four score lines across the width at 7, 11.8, 16.7 and 19.7 cm. Valley fold the first score line, mountain fold the second, valley fold the next, and mountain fold the last.

4. Now fix the card sections together. Open out section two and apply glue to the inside largest surface. Fix this to the inside of section one. Having the fold at the top, there is now one stepper at the front of the card. Repeat with the third section by opening it out, applying glue to the largest surface, and fixing this to the inside of the front panel of section two. There should now be three steppers ready to decorate on the front of the card. 

5. Please note: To create the die-cut scene use the 180gsm Premium White Card.

Starting with the small front stepper and working back, use the two landscape dies from the build the scene die set to create the winter woodland view. Using the white premium cardstock, die cut the snowy foreground die in such a way that the bottom is left deeper. To do this, cut a piece of card measuring the width of the card blank, and deep enough to cover the front stepper. Position the die face down across the top of the card and hold in place with craft tape. Place this squarely into your cutting machine so that the hills will be meeting the rollers first. Importantly, place the cutting plate on top so that the bottom edge sits very slightly forward from the bottom line cutter of the die. As this is running through the machine, there is no pressure at the very bottom of the die leaving the snowy hills deeper than the die would have cut normally. The snowy hills can now be trimmed to size to cover the front stepper. Glue in place using a glue stick.

6. Repeat this process for the second stepper, but cut the card on the reverse side to give a different hilly relief from the first stepper. Glue in place.

7. Die cut another hilly scene as per stepper one but make it deeper for the third stepper. In the same way, die cut the mountain scene to cover the whole of the third stepper. Glue this in place, adding the hills on top by gluing only at the bottom, and adding 3D foam pads to the top area.

8. Decorate the back stepper with more mountains, again die cutting the lower ones on the reverse side of the card. 

9. Die cut eight twiggy trees from the same card. Stamp these using clear watermark ink and sprinkle with clear embossing power. Turn them glossy by melting the powder with a heat gun. Glue the bottom area of each tree and fix them onto the card to create a woodland view.

10. Die cut the chalet and paper piece it by inserting back in the inner pieces. To do this, use the outline to fussy cut a backing piece the same size as the chalet. Use a craft knife to cut out the windows and door area. Cover the top surface with glue from a stick and attach the die cut outline. Die cut the chalet again trying to keep all the loose bits intact. Then place upside down onto the outline and poke all the tiny bits out straight onto the glued areas. Lightly glue the back of the chalet, and cover with vellum.

11. Fix the chalet onto the card using 3D foam squares. Attach three (or as many as you like!) wooden deer to the second stepper. Finish the card by gluing a glittered wooden caption onto the front stepper.

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