How to Make a Frozen Wishes Intricut Shaker Card

The Frozen Wishes collection is perfect for creating cosy winter scenes. We’ve taken the glitter pack, along with the patterned paper pad, snowflake buttons and wooden sentiments from the collection to create a beautiful die-cut shaker card, perfect for popping into the post to your loved ones this Christmas.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Begin by trimming an 8 x 8 inch white card blank down to 15.8(W) x 18.5(H) cm.

2. Cut a panel of white cardstock to 14 x 17cm. With the panel in a portrait orientation, position the die equidistant from the left, right and top edges. To keep the die in place as it travels through the die cutting machine, use a little bit of low tack tape, such as washi tape, to secure the die to the cardstock. Make sure to keep hold of the inner die-cut for later. Top tip – add a metal shim in-between the die and the top cutting plate to ensure a clean cut.

3. Measure 7 cm up from the bottom of the card blank and mark a horizontal line lightly with a pencil across the entire card, use this as a guide to add two panels of soft green paper; one measuring 15.2 x 11.3cm and the other 15.2 x 6.5cm. Secure both panels to the front of the card blank, overlapping slightly at the pencil mark, and making sure to leave a narrow border of white card showing around the edge.

4. Cover the join with a 6mm wide strip of white card to match the skirting board on the Intrrcut window die design. Fix two short pieces at either sides aligning the top of the strip with the join of the layered papers.

5. Secure the white cardstock panel, created in step two, centrally to the front of the card using foam pads or tape. Fix into place a strip of 3D foam tape across the centre of the card, between the frame and level with the top of the matted layer overlap join. Add a few 3D foam pad circles to fill the gap under the tape to support the next layer.

6. Create a frame to cover the top three sides of the white panel; take a piece of pale blue patterned paper from the frozen Wishes pack and cut to 13.5 (w) x 15.2 (H)cm to create a rectangle. Mark a 1.2cm border around the top, right and left-hand side, and use a craft knife and metal ruler to remove the centre to create a three-sided frame. Fix this into place on top of the white panel using double-sided tape. When securing the frame into place make sure there is an even border around the top and both sides.

7. Take the window die-cut from step two and use as a guide to trim a sheet of grey cardstock; this needs to fit behind the die cut without -showing grey card around the outer edges. Use a pencil to mark the window area onto the grey card, and cut away the window aperture. Don’t forget to cut away the two small areas under the teddy bear’s arm and to the right of the girl’s head. The skirting board should remain intact.

8. Take a sheet of the pink patterned paper, and fussy-cut a pale pink section that features none of the strung lights. Use this to die-cut the girl’s pyjamas. Use another piece of white card to die cut the window scene once more so that you can paper-piece parts of the teddy bear, snowballs and skirting board areas.

9. Start paper-piecing the window design together. To begin, use a glue pen to apply adhesive to the back of the window frame and fix this into place onto the grey cardstock cut in step seven. Apply tacky glue to the reverse of the grey cardstock and fix onto a panel of clear acetate measuring 11.5 (W) x 10(H)cm, the acetate should cover the back up of the design up to the bottom of the skirting board.

10. Paper-piece all the pale pink areas of the girl’s pyjamas, along with the small white sections of the skirting board, teddy bear and all the snowballs in the window aperture.

11. Use the wood-effect paper from the Frozen Wishes pack to die-cut the girl’s hair, secure this into place with a glue pen. From pale blue patterned paper, die cut the two tiny bows in the girl’s hair as well as the teddy bear. Paper-piece these in the same way.

12. Trim a piece of wood-effect patterned paper to 13.5 (W) x 6(H)cm, secure over the bottom section of the frame layer, ensuring it covers the strip of 3D foam tape.

13. Apply more strips of 3D foam tape just inside the top, right and left-hand sides of the frame. Make sure there are no gaps in between the strips, as these will enclose the shaker contents. Add another layer of foam tape on top to make it double thickness – this will allow the contents to move freely inside the shaker compartment.

14. Cut a very thin line of 3D foam from the outer waste area of a sheet of foam circles. Adhere into place on top of the wood-effect paper to enclose the bottom of the shaker space.

15. Trim two more 6mm wide strips of white cardstock and stick into place over the patterned paper join as before.

16. Fill the shaker space with half a bottle of white glitter and five wooden buttons.

17. Fix the prepared window design onto the card to encase the shaker space, then add a glittered wooden sentiment to the bottom to complete the card.

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