How to Make a Frosted Artificial Wreath

Make a gorgeous, show-stopping artificial wreath for your front door this Christmas, that you’ll be able to bring out year after year! Our range of artificial florals and picks are available online and in store at Hobbycraft, and offer a near-identical look to fresh florals. 

You Will Need

Green Faux Wreath

Floral Wire »


Creating a fuller wreath frame, you will need:

Parsely Fern »

Asparagus Bush »


Then your choice of decorative items. We have used:

White tip PineCones

Decorative faux picks

Mistletoe Pick

2 Flower head

Silver Wired seed pack

Wooden stars

Craft Essentials How to Make

1a. Fluff out the faux foliage wreath frame, so all the foliage has its own place. If you think you like to add to the design with more texture then these are the next few steps:

1b. For every faux foliage stem, cut off each sprig that comes off the main stalk. You should have around 3 to 5 individual stems. If you think you have cut too short don’t worry you can make it longer with a wire by bending a piece of wire in half, placing the wire over the stem and then use one of the ends to wrap around both stem and wire. This will secure both of them together, making for a longer stem.


1c. With the individual stems of faux foliage, place onto your wreath by using the long stem of wire, pierce through the foliage and pull through to the back. Loop the wire around the base of the wire faux foliage wreath frame. Cut away most of the excess of the wire and poke the remainder of the wire into the moss to hide. Do this to the rest of your faux foliage until you have filled the whole wreath.


2. Onto the decorating. Here is an example of how to wire decorative items. You can choose alternative decorations or stick to the ones used in this tutorial. If you are using other decorations utilise the wires already available to you on the item, and add an extra piece of oasis wire to allow the decoration to be properly anchored to the wreath.

Pinecones – Place one wire around the bottom of the pinecone, slipping the wire between the open scales. Make sure you place ¼ of the wire around the base leaving ¾ to be used for when attaching to the wreath. Wrap the wire around once or twice depending on the weight of the pinecone. Twist the wire over itself to secure. Leave the tail of the wire hanging free for attaching your pinecone to your wreath later.

Silver wired seed picks – Make bundles of 10 seed heads. Fold the bundle in half, so now you have 20 seed heads all at the same height. Twist the bundle of seed heads together to create a loop. Once you have a small loop, place a wire through the hole and twist together to make a long stem. Repeat this stage until you have the amount required.


3. With your selection of decorations using one at a time, place onto your wreath by using the long stem of wire or decorative pick, pierce through the foliage and pulling through to the back.

Loop the wire around the base of the wire wreath frame (this will make it secure to your wreath), Cutaway most of the excess of the wire and poke the remainder of the wire into the frame. Do this to the rest of your decoration until you have fulfilled the whole wreath.

Making sure you have spread them around equally and there are no large gaps. Also remembering to leave a small gap for where you want to place your Flowerhead.


4. With the space allowed for your flower head. Clip the heads to the faux foliage wreath.


5. With your glue gun, find extra spaces that have not yet to been covered with your other decoration. To this add a small amount of glue to the back of the star or base of the pinecone and gently place onto the faux foliage sprig and press down to hold into place until dry. Continue until you are happy with your finished look.

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