How to Make a Frog Lanyard

How to Make a Frog Lanyard #SchoolProject #LifeCycle #Science

Although small in size frogs are a fascinating species! They’re amphibious which means they can live both on land and in the water, although they always have to make sure that they’re near a nice damp spot so that their skin doesn’t dry out.

From tadpole to adult life, frogs have an incredibly adventurous life and can live for many years. Learn all about their life cycle with this frog lanyard project, the perfect balance between learning and creative play.

Did you know… Frogs breathe through their noses while also taking in about half the air they need through their skin.

You Will Need

Googly eyes » (I used self-adhesive eyes)

Paint » (I used Green ready mix paint)

Ribbon »

Coloured card »

Craft Essentials

Felt tip pens »

Glue dots » (Any glue is fine, I just find glue dots the easiest to use)

Scissors »

How to Make

How to Make a Frog Lanyard #SchoolProject #LifeCycle #Science

1. To start make your labels using a felt tip pen for each stage of the life cycle, Frogspawn, Tadpole, Froglet and Frog. Cut these out and put to one side.

How to Make a Frog Lanyard #SchoolProject #LifeCycle #Science

2. Draw your Frogspawn, Tadpole, Froglet and Frog onto the coloured card. Decorate using felt tip pens, paint and then when dry add your googly eyes and cut them out.

How to Make a Frog Lanyard #SchoolProject #LifeCycle #Science

3. When you have all the parts of your life cycle it is time to stick them to the ribbon. Start by laying out the individual parts in order, spaced approximately as you’d like them, this will help to cut the correct length of ribbon and means you’ll pop everything in the right order.

Make a loop at the top of the ribbon for hanging and hide the join with your title or the first name label, the using the glue dots add each item.

How to Make a Frog Lanyard #SchoolProject #LifeCycle #Science

Top tip! I used different coloured cards to add backgrounds to the tadpole and frogspawn and as a lilly pad for the frog to sit on.


How to Make a Frog Lanyard #SchoolProject #LifeCycle #Science

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