How to Make a Fresh Modern Wreath

Create a delicate wreath using fresh seasonal foliage using a number of products from our flower arrangement range online and in store at Hobbycraft, and foliage found in your garden or purchased from your local florist. Depending on the foliage chosen, these wreaths can stay fresh for a number of weeks! We’ve teamed up with Florist, Jessica Hillier, and have challenged her to create a series of wreaths using a mixture of fresh and faux florals – can you tell the difference?

You Will Need

Wire Wreath Frame »

Fresh Foliage (available from florists)

White Cotton Stem »

Oasis Floral Wires »

Bag of Moss

Mossing Twine »

Natural Feathers »

Pinecones »

Artificial Cotton Wool

Craft Essentials How to Make

1. To moss your frame up, make a double knot with the end of your string to the wire wreath frame.

Then with a bundle of moss, place the moss on top of the wire frame then wrap the string round and pull tight.

Carry on doing this until you have completed the whole of the wreath frame. Tie off with a double knot but keep string attached.


2. To add foliage to your wreath, pick foliage from your garden or buy seasonal foliage from your local florist.

Top tip! Hardy foliage will last longer on your wreath i.e. Blue pine, Nordman Spruce, Holly, Conifer, Cypresses, Pinus strobus. Foliage like Eucalyptus and Ivy will droop and dry up within the first few weeks.

With your tied on string, selecting a few of each sprig of foliage, bundle these together, place this bundle on top of the moss and wrap the string around the foliage and the mossed wreath frame, pulling tight.

Top tip! Make sure you have a variety of each foliage to give your wreath more texture and fullness.

3. Carry on doing this by overlapping each bundle of foliage, hiding the stems of the previous bundles, until you have completed the whole of the mossed wreath frame.

Once complete cut of the remaining string and double knot to make secure. Shake off any excess moss.

4. Onto the decorating. Once you have chosen your decorative items, here is how to wire them.

Pinecones: Place one wire around the bottom of the pinecone, slipping the wire between the open scales. Make sure you place ¼ of the wire around the base leaving ¾ to be used for when attaching to the wreath. Wrap the wire around once or twice depending on the weight of the pinecone. Twist the wire over itself to secure. Leave the tail of the wire hanging free for attaching your pinecone to your wreath later.

Artificial Cotton Wool: Cut each head off the main stalk leaving a small piece of wire remaining. With the remaining piece of wire, twist together a new piece of wire to make it longer (if you need to make this more secure, then use some gutter tape to wrap around to hold the two wires together.)

5. With your selection of decorations using one at a time, place onto your wreath by using the long stem of wire, pierce through the foliage and pulling through to the back. Loop the wire around the base of the wired wreath frame (this will make it secure to your wreath), Cut away most of the excess of the wire and poke the remainder of the wire into the moss, hiding it away.

6. Repeat with the rest of your decorations until you have filled the whole wreath. Making sure you have spread them around equally and there are no large gaps. 

7. Decide what way up looks best. Now on the back of your wired wreath, use the you string to make a loop and tie it off. This will be your hanging point.

Top tip! Make sure to water your wreath twice a week to give it a longer life span.

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