How to Make a Frankenstein Bag

How to Make a Duck Tape Frankenstein Bag #DuckTape #Halloween

I love to incorporate recycling into my crafts, particularly when it comes to kids craft. Along with paper plates and cardboard tubes, cereal boxes can be used for a multitude of different craft projects.

As Halloween season is upon us, I’ve been putting my cereal boxes to use and making some character trick or treat bags using Duck Tape to decorate. This Frankenstein bag is really easy to make, and once you’ve made your first one you can go onto use the same method to create other characters, such as a bat or even a cat!

How to Make a Frankenstein Bag

Suitable for : Beginners

Time to make : Two hours

You Will Need

How to Make

1. Start by opening up your cereal box so that it lays flat on the table. Then draw the below net out on the box using a ruler and pencil. The cut out using scissors.

How to Make a Frankenstein Bag with Duck Tape #DuckTape #Halloween

2. Cover the front of all the panels in the Twist of Lime Duck Tape; on the main body of my bag I positioned the Duck Tape strips so that they ran  from left to right, but you could have them running from top to bottom it’s up to you.

3. Now it ‘s time to make Frankenstien’s facial features! Using the remnants from the cereal box to draw and cut out the following –

  • Mouth – Rectangular strip 8 centimeters by 1.5 centimetres wide.
  • Scar – This is completely up to you, I drew out one scar shape but you could use more if you prefer.
  • Hair – Draw out a rectangle 19 centimetres wide by 7.5 centimetres height. Draw out triangles to create spiky hair with the points meeting, or above the 7.5 centimetre line.
  • Bolts – You’ll need to cut two of these out, make sure to cut them a bit longer than you’ll need, as part of the bolt will go through a slit in the side of the bag at a later stage to secure it in place.
  • Eyes – You’ll need to cut two squares from scraps of white card or paper, mine measured 3 centimetres square. Cut two smaller squares of Jet Black Duck Tape and stick in the centre of the white card to make the pupils of Frankenstein’s eyes.

4. Cover the front of the hair, mouth, bolts and scar in Jet Black Duck Tape.

5. Secure the side panels to the main body of the bag using the Twist of Lime Duck Tape, I cut my tape strips in half widthways so that they measured approximately 1.5 to 2 centimetres in width.

6. Once the main body of bag is secure use double sided tape to stick the facial features into place. To secure the bolts use a craft knife to cut a slit in each side of the bag wide enough for the bolts to slot through (adult help and supervision will be needed here!). Push the bolt through the slot into the inside of the bag, fold over the end 1.5 to 2 centimetres, and secure in place with a little Duck Tape.

7. To make the handle cut one strip each of the Jet Black and Twist of Lime tape measuring 40 centimetres in length. Fold the green strip in half and then do the same with the black tape, first overlaying it and sticking it onto the green tape. To secure the handle to the inside of the bag, repeat the same process used to insert the bolts in step seven.

How to Make a Frankenstein Bag with Duck Tape #DuckTape #Halloween

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