How to Make a Frame Noticeboard

How to Make a Frame Noticeboard #frame #noticeboard #diy #home #gift #papercraft

If you’re always writing things down on scrappy bits of paper like me, it’s time to get organised and create yourself a space to write all your notes! This frame noticeboard is super quick and super easy to make, plus it doubles up as a great last-minute gift when you need one.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Open up the back of your frame and remove the thin bit of paper inside.

2. Choose a piece of patterned paper from the paper pad and gently place inside your frame to check it fits. If necessary, trim down using a paper trimmer until it fits snugly inside.

3. Place double sided tape or tacky glue around the edges of the inside of the box frame – this will hold your paper in place. This can be a bit fiddly, and i’d recommend checking through the front of the glass whether you can see the adhesive or not! 

4. Stick the paper, patterned side down, against the glass inside the box frame.

Top Tip!

If you prefer, you can stick the paper to the back board of the frame. Personally, I don’t like the shadow this creates when you write on the front of the glass but it is easier to do – it’s up to you!

5. Close up the frame with the back board.

6. Choose the phrase you want to use across the front of your noticeboard, then use thickers to write it out – don’t forget to think about the space you have to fill! 

Top Tip!

If you’re not sure whether your phrase will fit, you can cut around the backing paper of each letter and place on top of the frame lined up to see how they can space to fit.

How to Make a Frame Noticeboard #frame #noticeboard #diy #home #gift #papercraft

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