How to Make a Folk Rabbit Pyrography Decoration

Create a folk design featuring a long, leaping hare and long grass to decorate your home this spring. Follow the simple guide below, and download the free template to easily burn the design into the hanging wooden decoration using a pyrography tool.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Print out the template and trace with tracing paper

2. Turn the tracing paper over and place the design centrally over the hanging wooden decoration

3. Scribble on the back of the tracing paper over the traced lines to transfer the design onto the hanging wooden decoration

4. Change the tip of your pyrography tool to something that is small and pointy, and then plug in to heat the tool up, waiting for five minutes until the tool is fully heated

5. Begin to burn in the design, pressing lightly and moving the tool slowly and evenly in order to eventually trace the outline

6. Add in more detail to the design by quickly running the tool over sections to create more of a shading effect rather than a hard line

7. Once happy with the coverage, turn off your tool and leave safely attended to cool down. In the meantime, neaten up the design by removing any extra pencil marks with an eraser.

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